Daily Archives: November 5, 2006

How to stop automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has been released as of November 1, 2006. If you’re not ready for it yet, there are a few options to prevent the automatic installation of it. Personally, I update my computer manually so I can see what’s being installed before it’s installed. IE7 is theoretically more secure and has more functionality than Internet Explorer 6 (some improvements include tabbed browsing and a built in rss reader), I will wait until they get a few more bugs worked out and some patches for the flaws that still exist before I install it myself.

Many users have automatic updates enabled on their systems. Microsoft is distributing Internet Explorer 7 as a high-priority update through Automatic updates and the Microsoft update sites. Internet Explorer 7 will be available for users of genuine Windows XP SP2, Windows XP 64-bit Edition, and Windows Server 2003 SP1. See the Microsoft Updates IE7 announcement for more details.

If you use automatic updates you will be notified that the update is available and will have to choose whether or not to install IE7. The update will only be available if you run your system with administrator priviledges. If you run your computer with limited privilegdes you will not have to choose to install it or not.

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